New Business Class Service for mini-VSAT Broadband Network offered by KVH

KVH-business-class-serviceWorld-leading solutions manufacturer KVH Industries recently launched its new Unrestricted Rate Plans which features Business Class Service for its mini-VSAT Broadband network. Specifically designed to meet the increasing demands for maritime connectivity, this new service from KVH provides unrestricted, prioritized, multi megabit service with unfettered access to all Internet applications and protocols. This includes popular Voice over IP (VoIP) services like Skype, streaming media formats and rich media websites.

Traditionally only available with highly-priced dedicated satellite capacity and exclusively used by high-end cruise ship or megayacht customers, the Business Class Service is offered at competitive rates with other shared maritime VSAT services. It also promises to offer significantly faster service and a an excellent user experience.

“The launch of our new Business Class Service culminates a two-year initiative to upgrade our network, increase our capacity, integrate network management capabilities into our core product offering, and devise unrestricted rate plans that provide unprecedented performance while also being cost effective,” Executive Vice President of KVH’s Mobile Broadband Group Brent Bruun said in a statement.

Bruun added that the company is doing its best to match the exponential growth of the Internet and mobile data services, guaranteeing that KVH will continue to work towards enhancing its service when it comes to the connectivity customers need. The company opened up a new transparent, usage-based rate plans to aid customers in selecting the defined amount of data in a monthly package, subsequently offering users the opportunity to purchase more service at an affordable and reasonable price if the package threshold is exceeded during the month.

KVH Industries also made arrangements for heavy users by allowing them to consume as much bandwidth as they want because they are paying for the added service.

Additionally, the Business Class service incorporated the features of its CommBox Ship/Shore Network Manager right into the integrated belowdecks unit of its new TracPhone V7-IP and TracPhone V11 products, providing the tools customers need to manage this new service efficiently, as well as control their airtime costs.


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