Gazprom taps Newtec for new VSAT platform equipment

Newtec, a company that specializes in satellite equipment, signed a contract with Gazprom Space Systems (GSS) to provide the equipment required for a new VSAT platform to be run using the Yamal-402 satellite. This new alliance makes Newtec the preferred partner of choice to deliver the complete VSAT system, which includes hub, modems and antennas for the project.

A guarantee of Internet access offered at affordable prices in the distant areas of Russia is important. Until this year, only high-priced, professional, VSAT installations in limited hotspots were available in the Moscow and Saint Petersburg regions. Now, Gazprom aims to provide satellite broadband access services to local ISPs that will, in turn, supply the services to customers and enterprise customers within the Yamal-402 footprint, covering the whole Russian territory.

While the GSS network will use Ku Band via the Yamal-402, the terminals can be suited to function with throughput Ka Band frequencies by a simple change of the interactive LNB and with no hardware adaptation to the modem and the antenna.

Newtec started shipping its new high-speed, Ka-band VSAT broadband technology last year. This new technology has already been selected by several customers, including Europe’s most successful satellite broadband service.


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